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LogMac Ultima

Our company´s long experience in log home production provides an excellent background for manufacturing log processing machines.

The high quality and durability of the machines have been developed to fulfil the requirements of the latest log processing technology.

Using LogMac Ultima log rounding machine is an easy way to manufacture round timber log houses. With the help of this machine you can refine freshly cut, unpeeled wood into a round timber log.


The functions of LogMac Ultima are both hydraulic and electrically operated. LogMac Ultima includes sawdust waste removal system, hydraulic log lifting and attachment.
Ultima can be used in shaping of round wood into evenly sized, circular log, in carving of insulation groove, in corner timberblocking processing and in dow drilling.

Kombi Pro can be placed to function along side with LogMac Ultima.
Kombi Pro doubles the speed of log processing. Ultima is used only to shape the roundwood into a circular log and to carve the insulation groove.

The Functions of Kombi Pro:

  • cutting log into desired length
  • corner timberblocking processing
  • dow drilling x 2
  • window/door groove notching

Finished house log as final product, ready to be used.

LogMac offers an efficient and functional productionline for manufacturing log timbered houses.

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