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Kombi Pro

Log processing machine with the following functions:
cutting log into desired length
corner timberblocking processing
dow drilling
window/door groove notching
Finished house log as final product
Finished house log Ø: 130 - 300 mm
Unique notching design for added R-value
Double dow drilling
Groove cutter for windows and doors
Crosscut saw
Hydraulic aggregate
Pneumatic log holding during operation
Roller conveyors for log transfer in progress
- length: 2 x 8500 mm
- length control devices
JKL waste removal system (fan + suction piping)
Hydraulic movements controlled by push buttons
Motor sizes:
  corner notching
crosscut saw
groove notching
1 x 5,5 kW
2 x 2,2 kW
1 x 3 kW
1 x 3 kW

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